There was some downtime while we got the link in working order, but everything is running optimally now. CatieChat has been like a sister network to Sinsira IRC for over a year now, and that counts for something. Users from CatieChat don't need to worry about rule changes, or other things getting in the way of them being the stellar users they've always been. The staff on both networks have worked tirelessly to produce a great environment for the users to enjoy! Thanks to Sinsira's general rule of allowing channels to do what they will, users of the former CatieChat IRC Network can take comfort in the fact that their operators will run their channels like they always have!

Along with the link, Sinsira gave o-lines to every IRCop that presided over CatieChat so that the users know that they have fair representation on this foreign (to some) network. That being said, most IRC network links come with some tension. Apprehension over the new TOS has already made itself apparent. However, as stated in the previous paragraph, there will be no change to the way CatieChat's original channels are run.

Sinsira would also like to welcome our new staff member to the team; CommVenus. CommVenus has a history of being a caring, kind, and fair IRCop and we know that he will deliver the same amazing traits to the Sinsira staff.

Thank you CatieChat users for being as flippin' awesome as you are! Sinsira is rather picky about who we link with, so take comfort in the fact that the staff on Sinsira already loved you to begin with!




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