Welcome CatieChat!

Hey Sinsirans!

You may have noticed that there have been some changes on Sinsira the last couple of days. Sinsira has been blessed with a new link with the CatieChat IRC Network, the official Boxxy fan IRC network!

Network Maintenance

In an effort to make sure that you are using the most secure connection available, we are going to be doing some maintenance on the Sinsira IRC Network today. During your visit today you may experience one or several disconnects from the Sinsira IRC Network. You shouldn't have any issues reconnecting as one or both of the servers should be up at all times today. If you're connecting using a Mibbit link provided to you via the channel #carchat you should not have any issues reconnecting. If you are using a client that only has one of Sinsira's two servers listed in your config, then you need to add the other one, or the round robin address: If you follow these instructions your connection to Sinsira should suffer little downtime.


Maintenance is now completed. Thank you for your patience through the process.


Thank you for understanding,


(Community Administrator)

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