With security and stability comes the cost of some planned downtime. While we try to keep it as infrequent as possible, there are things such as security patches that are critical to our focus on security. The beauty of having multiple servers, and a BNC service managed by the staff of the network is that we can do these patches and any maintenance with little disruption to our users.

01/21/2016 - 01/24/2016 We will be systematically taking servers down one at a time to perform maintenance on them. While some of our servers may be down for quite a while longer than others, there will always be the other servers to connect to. When you connect via irc.sinsira.net instead of using one of the specific hostnames each server has, you will be automatically routed a server that is online! If you're a RawrBNC user, the admins will be ensuring that your connection stays on one of the working servers with very little jumping around. Just keep connecting as you always have.

There's good news in all of this. Not only will Sinsira and it's related services be more secure, they will be far more stable and convenient than ever! There are some exciting changes on the horizon!




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