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  • Sapphire

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 PLEASE NOTE: Affected services/systems are subject to change. While we try to ensure that we get as much information as possible to our users well before scheduled maintenance there are unavoidable changes that need to be made as we learn of packages/services that are out of date. Expected downtime for each service that needs to be restarted is ~5-10min. If you are on an IRC server that goes offline on 03/24 try to connect to another server, or simply wait until that server comes back online

  If you are online at the time that IRC services (Anope) is restarted, you may need to identify for your nick again. Don't worry, we don't update IRC services very often due to long periods between releases.

  If you are a RawrNet BNC user, you may experience an extended downtime after the ZNC service is restarted. This is due to how ZNC queues the users for reconnection after starting the service. Please allow up to 20min for you to be reconnected to Sinsira before requesting help. If you are still unable to connect to Sinsira after 20 minutes please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join #Help on


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